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Express Route & Panamá

  • History-2

”Märtha” runs once again aground and starts to take in water. To save her the course is changed for shallower water were she finally sinks and keels over to the portside. “Martha” I sealed and pumped dry then towed back to her home dock, Stavanger. It is decided that she is going to be given one last chance and it is now she gets completely converted to a “modern” motor ship. The only sign left today from her days as a steamer is the stern. More cabins were built on the promenade deck, she got her “soft” bow and a more streamlined smokestack.

”Crownprincess Martha” and ”Rogaland”, both sister ships are for the first and only time sharing the same route at the same time, Oslo-Bergen.

Stavanger Steamship Ltd makes the decision to cease traffic between Oslo-Bergen. From 1963 to 1973 “Martha” is doing night trips once a week between Stavanger and Oslo. In 1974 three to four times a week.

August 30, 1974
The ”Crownprincess” makes her last voyage along the Norwegian coast.

End of year 1974
During this year ”Martha” operates as a stationery hotel ship in Stavanger. Then she is sold and named “Koster”. Her new home is in Sweden were she functions as a servis and lodginship. After a few years she is sold again.

”Marha/Koster” is registered in Panama. The following year she gets an extensive inner and outer “facelift” which is done in Western Germany. Over two million dollars are spent before she is ready to sail the seas again. “Martha” is named “Sport Rover” and becomes a minicruiser accommodating people who are into diving and adventures in the West Indies. In 1980 the company is bankrupt.